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Tomato seed germination

After apple seed germination, pineapple seed germination, strawberry seed germination, now comes the mighty cherry tomatoes. You can also have a look at cotton seed germination, finally lemon seed germination and now ginger germination.

On Thursday 11 of September (which is Catalonia's national day, and then is a day off-work) I made some oven-dried cherry tomatoes and took some seeds out, cleaned with water and rinsed the pulp, put them over a wet paper towel and inside a sealed transparent plastic bag, in a somewhat sunny place:

Yesterday (that is, after only 4 days!) I took a quick look and to my amazement they were already germinated and starting to show some green. Today I took this picture and put some of them in pots:

They have grown quite a bit since yesterday, truly amazing. If you try to grow your own, tell me how they do.

If you enjoyed this post, or was lucky and got a nice and happy tomato plant, leave a comment or picture.

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