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Pineapple seed germination

Pineapple seed germination
I wonder if you ever thought of where are pineapple seeds, or even how to germinate them. If you did (and found this page), congratulations! You can do it, as I will show you. You can also try apple seed germination, pineapple seed germination, tomato seed germination, cotton seed germination, finally lemon seed germination and now ginger germination. More to come next spring!
While my strawberry seeds were germinating, I also had some pineapple seeds growing. You can find pineapple seeds, obviously, in pineapples, while peeling it. Below you can see a picture of them.

The usual way to grow pineapples is easier and takes less time. You just cut the top of the pineapple and plant it. Seeds are supposed to take 6 months (mine didn't take as long). I had read that sunlight helps germination, so I built something different:

Put them in a sealed plastic bag over a wet paper towel. After one month (10 July-11 August) they had germinated (which is a really short span):

Pineapple seed germination

I let them grow for a week:

Pineapple seed germination

And I decided to let them grow a week more:

Pineapple seed germination

I picked the biggest and planted it in a mix of bonsai soil (which is the only one I have) and a little rock and sand I had from a plant I bought:

Pineapple seed germination

Finally, the steps:

  1. Get a pineapple, and peel it. Grab the seeds (you'll get plenty of them).
  2. Enjoy your pineapple, wash the seeds with a little water.
  3. Get a zip bag and a paper towel.
  4. Put a teaspoon of water in the paper, put the seeds over and inside the bag. Seal.
  5. Let them do for a week, after that maybe you'll need to wet it again.
  6. Repeat, until they show signs of green.
Good luck!

If you enjoyed this post, or was lucky and got a nice and green pineapple plant, leave a comment or picture.

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