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Our chocolate mint just flowered

Chocolate mint flowering

Last February we bought a chocolate mint plant in the shop of the Botanical Garden in Madrid. It was an almost dead plant, with just a few offshots and 20 or 30 small leaves. But we loved the smell, and thought it would come out well.

Indeed, it has been growing steadily since then, and we planted a lot of cuttings out in the garden, where they are growing slowly but steadily. It needs a lot of water (and cuttings will grow roots very easily just in water). Our main indoors plant is so happy where it is that it started flowering this July. For now, just two buds, one in the picture and the other just appearing. It is the first time one of our mints flowered!

Chocolate mint does not exactly smell like chocolate, but something similar to a box of After Eight when you have eaten all the chocolates. They can be used like regular mint to add flavor to your dishes, and there are also several specific recipes to enjoy the special taste. As an example, here is a chocolate mint syrup recipe and here another recipe for home-made chocolate mint ice cream.

If you find a batch of chocolate mint, don't doubt and buy it, even if it looks like it will die tomorrow. Water it and see it grow! If you already have a chocolate mint plant, what do you use it for?

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