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Lemon seed germination

Lemon seed germination
Lemon seed germination
After 3 weeks

An easy and effective way to germinate lemon seeds

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So you want to grow your own lemon trees from seed? In this post I'll teach you the procedure I followed to easily germinate apple seeds at home. You can also try strawberry seed germination, pineapple seed germination, tomato seed germination, cotton seed germination, apple seed germination and now ginger germination. More to come next spring!

You can see see how the lemons grew in around 3 weeks after planting and you can also see how the lemon tree looks after two years.

Lemon seeds turned out to be harder to germinate than apple, or any other seed I have tried (except cherry and peach, I had no success with them)... Before I found the trick. Last year, without it I just got a lemon seedling, from 8 seeds coming from the same lemon: it was the seed which was scratched by the knife after slicing it. This year I got 4/5 seedlings from 7 seeds, and it could have been 7, but I barely missed. What did I do? I got 7 seeds from a lemon, and treated them diferently:
  • Peeled the first coating of 2
  • Peeled completely 2
  • Left 2 as they were
  • Discarded 1 too small
To peel it, use a cutter and do it carefully. The first layer will come of quite easily (if you don't cut yourself), the second too, but beware of damaging (a scratch or two is OK) the inner seed. In the following picture you can see 2 seeds peeled, 2 first-coating removed seeds and 3 as they were, after this a half peeled one, and a completely peeled seed.

Lemon seed germination
3 different treatments

Lemon seed germination Lemon seed germination
Here you can see (a piece) of the first coating removed in the left
and all the coating removed on the right.

I put them over a wet paper towel in a sealed plastic container, in almost full sun (around 3 hours of full sun, full light in the day). The peeled ones started to turn green in just 2 days.

Lemon seed germination
2-3 days: turns green and opens

After around 10 days, the completely peeled ones had "opened" (see picture above), started to grow a very small root and the untreated ones were mouldy. I discarded them, waited 3 days more and removed the last layer of the remaining two. After a day, they started to turn slightly green... but the roots of my first two were not developing. My conclusion: they got enough water as they were, and enough energy from the sun to work. I covered them by folding over the wet paper to avoid this process. After around 7 days they developed a nice root, which grew slowly. Now, after 3 more days I'm planting them, as they start to grow a little offshot.

Lemon seed germination Lemon seed germination

  • Remove coating of the seeds
  • Put in wet paper towel (completely covered), inside a plastic bag in a warm place
  • Wait!
  • Plant them
Lemon seed germination Lemon seed germination
In 2-3 weeks

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